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The School by Jaya One is organizing a two-day event called Shichi-Go-San on 3rd and 4th of November this year. It is a celebration traditionally held in Japan for children entering their middle childhood. Children celebrating Shichi-Go-San or ‘Seven-Five-Three’ will receive a Chitose Ame – a long, thin, red and white candy – which symbolizes healthy growth in a bag decorated with a crane and turtle which symbolizes long life.

Boys and girls aged 7, 5 and 3 will get to enjoy Kimono/Yukata dressing and get to take a family portrait together. There were a lot of other activities organized for families to enjoy such as Japanese arts and craft workshop for example like origami and ikebana. There will be games section for children called Yoyo Tsuri (Ball fishing), Shateki (Pop gun shooting) and Wanage (Ring Toss). Shoppers get to watch the traditional dance, Nihonbuya performance and learn some folk dance such as Ohisama. Shoppers will also get to enjoy of the ambiance in Japan decorated with Japanese maple tree to recreate the streets in Japan, booths selling products from Japan such as traditional Yukata & Obi, hair pieces & Japanese creative arts deco. Besides, shoppers also can get a taste of Japan, as there will be traditional mocha, Taiyaki and other Japanese snacks and desserts. Last but not least, shoppers get to dress up in Yukata and have their picture taken.  

The highlights of the event were a prayer ceremony lead by a priest (Mr. Takebe, 38thpriest of Ikimi Tenmangu Shrine) who was specially flew from Kyoto, Japan; and a tuna cutting demo by a Japanese chef. There was an auction held selling the tuna and sashimi afterwards too.

Last years turn-up from the public was beyond expectation! This was evident from the crowd streaming into The School by Jaya One throughout the event. Once again another successful showcase by The School by Jaya One which has blended fun and learning for everyone regardless of age and background.

The School by Jaya One is a new shape of mall that has never existed. We value not only shopping but also education and provide what parents need for their children. We aiming to provide an opportunity for the kids to learn a variety of things while the parents can having fun and comfort.