The Award-winning Miracle Of A Japanese Lake: Ecoparadise

The term ‘anti-oxidant hot bed therapy’ may not ring any bells, but it’s just won Ecoparadise a Harpers Bazaar Spa Award for ‘Most Holistic Anti Ageing Treatment’. According to Austin Lau, “Japan calls it the lazy man’s sport . Same benefits as a jog, but without the exercise! 30 minutes in the therapy room and you’re refreshed. Also, you burn the same calories in a can of Coke.”

Austin is the Operations Executive of Jaya One’s Ecoparadise branch. Ecoparadise specializes in anti-oxidant rejuvenation therapy where customers detoxify and relax in their signature hot bed therapy rooms. They have 6 rooms, 15 beds, changing rooms, shower rooms, and a relaxing environment for those wishing to escape the city’s hustle and bustle.

Japan was the starting point for Ecoparadise’s technology. When architect Shin’ichi Aida discovered a lake with regeneration and anti-oxidant qualities, he took a sample of the lake’s microorganisms to his lab to research how their restorative qualities could be replicated into something useful for all. Upon his success, the liquid solution was tested with different kinds of materials like tiles, cements and plastic fibres.

Now, those microorganisms are part of Ecoparadise too. “Our entire outlet— the paint, tiles and cement— all contain the benefits of that lake. Everything emits ions that neutralize the room”, explains Austin. “Our environment is calm and similar to the rainforest”. Hot water  flows through Ecoparadise’s therapy rooms to keep room temperatures at a balmy 42-47 Celsius to stimulate our immune system. “First-timers usually find the therapy rooms hot. After the first session, some ask to increase the temperature—suddenly it’s not hot enough!”


Hot bed therapy is the go-to alternative treatment for people with lupus, eczema and other skin problems. Austin says regular sessions improve their conditions. When an investor suffering cancer discovered that hot bed therapy improved his condition, he shared his find by donating RM10 Ecoparadise therapy sessions to people battling cancer. 

This isn’t the first time Ecoparadise has seen awards. In 2011, Harper’s Bazaar also awarded them ‘Best Alternative Treatment’. First-timers can try out an intro package of 3 sessions, but to feel a long-lasting effect on their well-being, 2-3 sessions a week for 2 months is what it
takes. “After 3 sessions, your skin will feel smoother. But if you invest your time in regular sessions, your overall health will definitely improve”, says Austin.

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BY: Sue Taib