Jaya One International Rabbit Show on 20 April

Once upon a time, people only thought of rabbits for fur and food.

But somewhere along the 18th century, people found that rabbits also make good companions —for the right people. They have strikingly distinctive personalities and have been known to calm depression. Sometimes, a rabbit even trains you! A pet owner in the US thought she had trained her rabbit to come for food whenever she rang the bell. It turns out the rabbit trained her back, because it began ringing the bell on its own and waiting until food was served.

Come April 20, Jaya One will be host to several types of rabbits in an all-day event co- organised by The Persatuan Pencinta Arnab Selangor.

Here are some of the rabbit breeds you can expect to see on the big day!












Holland Lop
One of the most popular rabbit breeds for both pets and competitions. Their temperament is sweet, their bodies small and compact, and you can always spot their thick teardrop-shaped ears hanging down from their heads.
















American Fuzzy Lop
Bred from the recessive fuzzy gene of a Holland Lop by two Americans and developed for four years before being named as a breed of its own. A compact body and very muscular, the ears of the American Fuzzy Lop do not stand erect, but rather lop along the side of the face. They love toys and enjoy the attention of their owners.


















Dwarf Hotot
Looks like it’s wearing eyeliner! Characterised by an all-white coat and a circle around each eye, the dwarf hotot was only recognized in 1984 as strictly a fancy breed. At 1.3kg max, they are too small to be of commercial value. Temperaments can range from outgoing to moody, but they are usually friendly rabbits, adjusting well to a pet life.















English Angora
Angora rabbits are so furry, they are the only rabbit that has fur covering its eyes. They also have wool on their ears, faces, and feet. The English Angora is the smallest Angora breed, and favored for its puppy or teddy bear appearance. They’re gentle, but they need to be groomed twice a week.
















Jersey Wooly
Noted for their docile nature and gentle disposition, the Jersey Wooly is one of the most widely exhibited rabbits. They can be laid-back lap bunnies or outgoing explorers! It’s not uncommon for them to live 7 to 10 years when properly cared for and brushed regularly.















Named for the furry gene that gives the rabbit its ‘mane’, each Lionhead can have up to two ‘mane’ genes, although their manes disappear, as they get older. Lionheads are so smart, that it’s possible to train them to understand orders like ‘come’, ‘play’, and ‘eat’.













Mini Rex
The small size, plush velvety coat and friendly personalities of mini rex rabbits make them one of the most popular rabbit breeds in the United States.

Expect a fancy rabbit exhibition, a rabbit show sanctioned by the American Rabbit Breeder Association with judges from US and Indonesia, talks on breeding rabbits, as well as a flea market full of vendors selling all things rabbit-related. Come on down to see if you too could be a rabbit companion some day, or at least feast your eyes on all the cuteness!


Jaya One International Rabbit Show 2014
When: Sunday, 20 April 2014
Where: Jaya One
Like: http://www.fb.com/JayaOne
Visit: http://pencintarnab.blogspot.com/