Dine in at Faulty Towers in May at PJ Live Arts

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You may already know that Faulty Towers The Dining Experience is a one-of-the-kind night out at the theatre. Imagine eating a three course dinner while the play unravels around its audience! But if you’re unfamiliar with the BBC show Fawlty Towers that inspired this unique theatrical experience, don’t worry! Here’s a useful and quick breakdown to the show and its quirky trio.

Quick Facts About The BBC Show
◆ Ran from 1975 to 1979, and was an overwhelming critical success by the end of its 12 episodes.
◆ In 2000, the British Film Institute named Fawlty Towers the best British television series of all time.
◆ In Channel 4’s 100 Greatest Talking Heads List, Basil Fawlty placed second— in between Homer Simpson and Edmund Blackadder!
◆ Fawlty Towers was a huge success in almost all 17 countries it was aired!
◆ Several remades were attempted since the show ended but were unsuccessful. The play seems to be doing much better!
◆ John Cleese was inspired to create Basil Fawlty after encountering the rudest hotel owner he had ever met in his life while on set shooting Monty Python.

Quick Facts About The Play
◆ Your ticket price is inclusive of not only the performance, but soup, a main, and dessert. Do let PJ Live Arts know about any dietary restrictions you might have, including being a vegetarian.
◆ Don’t worry about wearing old clothes, spills are NOT in the script!
◆ The show is highly interactive and performed by actors who project well, so don’t worry if you’re a little hard of hearing or blind. It is not suitable though for lip readers. If you need to be signed to, bring a friend to watch with you!
◆ The show is two hours long in a restaurant environment, so if you need to go to the bathroom, get up any time you like. We advise a toilet break either at the end of soup, your main, or your dessert.
◆ The play is not recommended for anyone below the ages of 18!



Meet Basil Fawlty
A snobbish, stingy misanthrope who generally dislikes most people and desperately feels he belongs to a higher social class. He thinks running this hotel will elevate him in society, but dislikes having to be pleasant to people he hates. His biggest intimidating is his wife, Sybil, whom he has a long list of nicknames for. No one really knows how they got married. He claims to speak “classical” Spanish, but this is dubious too. 

Meet Sybil Fawlty
Basil’s wife. Energetic, petite, and a consistent signature working wardrobe of shiny fabrics and a lot of permed hair. She is usually more effective than Basil at running the hotel, even if she doesn’t seem very busy. She has a unique laugh, which Basil describes as “machine-gunning a seal.”

Meet Manuel
A well-meaning but disorganized and confused Spaniard waiter from Barcelona. Has little knowledge of English or English customs. Often the subject of Basil’s wrath. Manuel finds his boss bizarre, but is relentlessly enthusiastic and is happy to be hired. He is a sharp contrast to Basil’s lack of sensitivity and tolerance.

Be their guest at PJ Laugh Fest!
When: 14 May to 1 June
Where: Studio @ PJ Live Arts
Tickets: RM165, www.tix.my (group discounts available)