School's out!

The School will be closed from 31 Jan to 1 Feb but feel free to shop at Cold Storage as it will be open throughout the weekend. Have a prosperous new year everyone! buy cialis

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Markets@JayaOne set for 5 Oct 2013

PETALING JAYA, 17 SEPT 2013 — Markets@JayaOne, the highly anticipated quarterly bazaar returns to Jaya One for its 11th instalment on 5 Oct. In conjunction with Malaysia Day, Markets 11 returns to celebrate all things Malaysian. Expect awesome local treats, the return of Lorong Makan and an Urbanscapes booth! Details of the event are as follows: MARKETS@JAYAONE: DATE:...

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Jaya One brings new retail concept with Pop by Jaya One

PETALING JAYA, 23 SEPT 2013 — Pop by Jaya One (Pop), the yet-to-be-launched creative retail cluster, will exhibit at Palm Square, Jaya One. The exhibit serves as an introductory pop-up store, ahead of its 1 Nov launch at Malaysia’s first enrichment mall The School. The pop-up store will be open for a week. Details are as follows: TIME: 10.00am...

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Tall Stories to stage The Gruffalo at PJ Live Arts

PETALING JAYA, 4 OCT 2013 — Physical story theatre company Tall Stories will entertain PJ Live Arts’ audiences as part their Malaysian tour of The Gruffalo, a theatrical adaptation of the award-winning picture book of the same name.  The story’s protagonist, Mouse, finds himself in the forest. He encounters a fox, owl, and snake, each with their...

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New Property for sale at Jaya ONE

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